Shakira performs live in Dubai.

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Dance Performance From Nigeria

Performance by dance and music group from Nigeria during the Africa Festival in New Delhi on Wednesday – Wallpaper (Size:1280×1024)

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Double vision: The diva also spies a version of herself from her Crazy in Love music video

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She’s got the groove: The singer performs her moves in snyc

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Keffy and Baby

Keffy is now enjoying the joy of motherhood

Latest Dance

Shakira Talks About Her Belly Dancing

ImageShakira believes her ability belly dance isn’t something she ever had to learn, it just comes naturally.

“For me, it was, and is, more of a natural thing. It’s something that was practically given to me at birth, and for which I never had to train myself. These movements, they are inside me and I can call them back whenever I need them.”

But Shakira admits it’s not easy looking as good as she does, and she has to stick to a rigorous training regime to stay slim and sexy. She added to German magazine Fit For Fun:

“I trained really hard for the ‘She Wolf’ video – almost a month. I wanted to look good and didn’t want to shame myself. There was no muscle in my body that did not hurt. I was in pain for days, simply because I’d gone too far.”

Usher's Performance

Usher performing Microsoft E3 Xb0…

Ballet Dance

This is an Australian ballet dance


Image is an artistic form of dance which involves movement of every part of the body .it is most liked in Arab, Spain,Turkey and also in other countries all over the world. because this is a beautiful style of dance, mostly adored by the one having a classic dance taste. this most amazing comment have heard about this kind of dance is …………

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